Vision: Solve the Data Access Problem
Data is valuable, it provides a competitive advantage and allows individuals and organizations with access to make better decisions. Current incentives mean data is often kept private and proprietary, used as a barrier to entry that drives inequality.
Even when data is freely available, it’s often of low quality, out of date or improperly formatted. In other instances, such as the emergence of a new sector, there may be a lack of data all together.
We can do better.
Imagine a world where millions of researchers, from every country add value and earn reward for first formulating effective questions and then answering requests for data.
Blockchain-based applications offer us new opportunities to deliver solutions that are decentralized, where data is potentially immutable and verifiable, and where actors in the system stand to benefit not only from performing individual tasks but also having a stake in the value of the community as a whole, and a say in its governance.

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