Crowd-sourced sentiment data for cryptocurrency investing

Walter provides data and insights that blockchain asset investors and traders need to make better decisions.

Sentiment drives blockchain asset prices.

Market insights are buried in the minds, and emotions, of crypto asset investors and traders. Walter provides access to those insights through rewarding individuals who ask good questions or provide valuable answers.

How does it work?

Walter is a website where analysts provide market insights and earn “tokens” (Walter’s cryptocurrency) for their effort.

Investors stake prize pools of Walter tokens to request a variety of crypto market data. Walter aggregates answers, finds the best answers through consensus and shares the value of the staked prize pool with those who provide the best answers.

Users are able to subscribe to access data or data feeds, empowering better decision making.

Why a sentiment platform?

Dramatic asymmetries of information exist in crypto asset markets. As participation in these markets expand, so too must the access to information. Through rewarding individuals and organizations who generate and share valuable insights, we reduce asymmetries in information, and make blockchain asset investing more accessible.

Second, unlike prediction markets like Augur, which generate data about events that eventually happen, Walter provides insight on subjective topics like “is this development team trustworthy?” Crypto investors and market participants need that type of insight.

The Wisdom of the Crowd?

Crowds of brilliant people are behind every monumental accomplishment of humankind.

The world’s best investors, athletes, and top performers in every discipline rely on their peers, top thinkers and top practitioners, in order to achieve what they have achieved.

Walter’s magic lays in the ability to filter out bad signal. Through various question and answer types that rely on either large sample sizes, or more discrete “smart crowd” samples, Walter helps to unlock answers that lead to better decisions. Reddit and twitter are not getting us where we all need to go. We believe Walter is a better truth engine for crypto investors.

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